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The 7-Day Mental Diet

How To Change Your World And Your Life In 7 days

The condition of your life in the future will be conditioned based on the thoughts and feelings you choose to have today. When you understand that by changing your mind all conditions change as well, then you truly get “a life by design.” That’s why we say, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Mental diet is basically monitoring your thoughts and let go any negative thoughts and follow them up with positive thoughts or affirmations. You must develop a habit of not entertaining or dwelling in any negative thoughts. Do this until your positive thoughts have been repeated enough times to become your dominant thought. Like any diet, at first this will take dedication and discipline, but it will get easier.

For seven consecutive days you agree to carefully select your thoughts. We know you cannot control the first thought that enters your mind, but you can control the second one. At first this is going to be challenging, exceedingly challenging, especially in the first few days, and if you persevere you will find that it will become rapidly easier. 

Let go and replace negative thoughts

The aim is to let go any negative thoughts. Hereafter you can repeat your goal and/or positive affirmations. It is very important to never allow the negative thought to be in control of your thinking. This doesn’t mean you can never have a negative thought. That’s not possible, you’re only human.

Its ok to have negative thoughts, but never allow yourself to dwell in them for a long time and never let your negative thoughts spiralled out of control. Its ok to cry and let the emotions out but then go back onto your mental diet. If you do have an emotional reaction, it won’t impact your manifestation, as long as you get back onto your mental diet and your positive thoughts outweigh the negative ones.

Repetition is the key

Repetition is the key here, at the beginning it will feel like work, constantly monitoring and letting go your negative thoughts and focus on your positive affirmations and/or thoughts. But after a while you’ll noticed the positive thoughts have impressed the subconscious mind. When you think of your goal, it’s the new thoughts that pops up not the old.

The main aim of a mental diet is to accept the negative habitual thoughts and to let it go. You have been carrying around the negative thoughts for years and it is important to focus on the positive thoughts, that align with your desire. Remember a mental diet should be a lifestyle change, something you embody forever, even when you have obtained your manifestation.

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change positively.”

This 3-step mental health diet will help you become more positive

Just like you ensure that you eat healthy to stay fit, you also need to ensure your mind stays healthy. Here’s what your mental health diet needs to be.

1. Affirm Your Goal

and keep it with you. Imagine it like if it were true!

The transformation of self requires that we meditate on a given phrase, a phrase which implies that our ideal is realized, and inwardly affirm it over and over and over again until we are inwardly affected by its implication, until we are possessed by it. Hold fast to your noble inner convictions or conversations.

2. Let Go

any thought of failure, disappointment, trouble, criticism, jealousy or condemnation of others or self.

Let go any thought of sickness or disappointment; or, in short, any kind of limitation or pessimistic thinking in regards to where you are right now and the realization of your goal.

If negative thoughts floats into your mind, let it go and not dwell in them. After "letting go" you can think of something else or read your goal or engage in affirmative "self-Talk"

The negative experiences or conditions will not affect your diet provided that you do not accept them, by fearing them, by believing them, by being indignant or sad about them, or by giving them any power at all.

3. Avoid negative environments

If disempowering information shows up, do no dwell upon it.

It is not the thoughts that come to you that matter, but only such of them as you choose to entertain and dwell upon. Evolve the meaning behind the information or remove the source of the information. Avoid the environment what disempowers, like watching violent movies, negative news or mainstream propaganda.

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